Military Inspired Pin Tutorial

DIY Tutorial

While shopping at the mall I found some cool nautical/military inspired pins. I really liked them but they were pretty expensive for what they were – almost $10 for a grosgrain ribbon with one metallic plastic charm and a pin back. I thought maybe I could make some that were the same idea, but more my style. I definitely strayed from the nautical theme but kept the military inspired ribbon/badge idea. Here’s how I did it…

Military Pin Instructions

And that’s it! The most difficult part is hot gluing the corners down, it can get a little messy but as long as the mess stays on the back of your ribbon, you’ll be OK. For a more professional looking pin, try hand sewing the ribbon instead of using hot glue.

Here’s an all-in-one image for pinning!


18. March 2013 by Jessie
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