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I spend A LOT of time in my home studio/office. I work from home full time as graphic designer for The Synergy Company, plus I spend most of my “free” time in there working on freelance stationary orders, keeping up with my Etsy store, TriSerifTops, and posting here for Crafty Whatnot. I’ve been striving lately to organize my studio to be more functional. I’m setting goals and trying to remove distractions so the supplies and trinkets that surround me all day are the most useful or inspiring. Here are a few of the things that made the cut…

studio-accessories-main Crafty Whatnot


1. WoodWick candles. These are my new obsession. I’ve tried multiple wood wick candles and these by far have the best crackle sound, and the best scents. They cozy up my studio, and the crackle sound is super relaxing on especially stressful work days! Plus they have a scent of the month for 25% off. I buy them locally in Nyack, NY at Hickory Dickory Dock.

2. Vintage clamp desk lamp. I have one from another local store, Archive Home, but also found the model featured above from Other Times Vintage on Etsy. The top to my desk is clear glass, so by twisting and turning this lamp to position it under my desk I have an instant light table!

3. Hand Job, A Catalog Of Type by Michael Perry. Whenever I need a little inspiration this is one of the books I turn to.

4. I have a collection of small flower mugs that I use for my coffee and tea throughout the day (most are leftover from my wedding centerpieces, we had succulents planted in them). The one featured above is from Vintage Edition on Etsy.

5. Pantone formula guides. A necessity for any print designer.

6. A Field Guide to Typestaches poster from Old Tom Foolery. This is just a fun poster I like to have hanging in my studio, design that makes you laugh and puts a smile on your face is the best type of design!

What accessories keep you motivated and inspired? Post your comments below or share photos of your favorite things in Instagram with #craftywhatnot.


20. September 2013 by Jessie
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