Simple & Easy Holiday Gift: Lavender Sachet

Its that time when everyone is scrambling to buy or make holiday gifts. So from now to Christmas I’m going to post as many simple & easy, last minute ideas as possible to help you in your scrambles! Most projects will take less than an hour.

lavender sachet

Today’s idea, a handmade lavender sachet. This makes the list because you probably have the materials in your house already, so its an easy item to whip up.

•  two 3″ x 3″ fabric squares – try using scrap fabric, old linens or clothing
•  needle & thread, sewing machine optional
•  sewing pins
•  dried lavender OR 1/2 cup uncooked rice mixed with 10 drops of your favorite essential oil


1. Pin your two squares together, right sides facing each other.

2. Sew three sides together, about a quarter inch in from the edge.

3. Turn the square right side out, so the right sides of the fabric are now on the outside.

4. Fill with scented rice or dried lavender.

5. Hand sew the open edge.

6. Wrap with ribbon or twine and store in a ziplock bag so the scent stays strong until you’re ready for gift giving!

12. December 2013 by Jessie
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  2. Great info. Cheers for sharing.

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