Inspiring fashion upcyclers

I’ve been experimenting with upcycling thrift store fashions, and I wanted to share two inspiring bloggers who do an amazing job at this!

First, we have Jillian from ReFashionista. She finds dated thrift store dresses for just $1 and turns them into something completely different, AND manages to have a casual, light-hearted writing style while doing it! Check out this before and after:


Next we have Marisa from New Dress A Day. She began her upcycling project after hitting a creative rut, and deciding that she’d spend an entire year without conventional clothing shopping – all of her new clothes and accessories would be created from second hand purchases. Her blog has a before & after gallery that I could scroll through forever! Here’s one of her latest transformations:


Have you made any bold creative resolutions this year, like no conventional shopping? I haven’t gone quite that far, but I do want to inexpensively funk up my wardrobe with some of these ideas!

02. January 2014 by Jessie
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