Vintage Sign Letters

I love collecting vintage sign letters. My current collection is just a bunch of random letters I’ve acquired over the years, but I have dreams of creating an installation on one wall in our house using vintage sign letters to spell out a travel quote. Usually I find letters at flea markets and local antique shops, but lately I’ve been searching through Etsy. Etsy sellers have an AMAZING selection of vintage signage at various prices. Here are a few of my recent favorites, click each image to view the Etsy listing…

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05. February 2014 by Jessie
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  1. Hi Jessie!
    Thanks for featuring our letters ‘Y’ and ‘H’ in your list of favorites! Here’s a 15% off discount for you and your followers for our entire store. Look around and see what else might call to you! Just use coupon code “mwalovesyou” at check out.
    Jake and Michelle

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