Crafting with rose quartz and serenity

As someone who’s not a huge pastel fan, initially I wasn’t sold on Pantone’s color of the year 2016, rose quartz and serenity. But after looking through these beautiful supplies I feel like the possibilities are endless. So check out these supplies and just imagine what you could make with rose quartz and serenity!

rose quartz raw
The most obvious is just using rose quartz itself. I love these raw pieces, feminine and earthy, from Redstone Minerals.

rose and serenity yarn
I may not have been a rose quartz/serenity believer before, but this beautiful yarn from Zanetto won me over. Not to mention she calls it “serenity now”, which I can only hope is a Seinfeld reference… SERENITY NOW!

Above Left: Glass seed beads from Fire Mountain Gems. Above Right: Crushed glass glitter from The Glass Connection.

serenity flowers web
Handcrafted satin flowers from Love Dew Flowers. Someone make me a headband with a million of these in different colors, k thanks.

Visit the RIT Studio to learn how to mix the perfect Rose Quartz and Serenity.

rose felt
Wool rose quartz felt from Felt on the Fly.

rose and serenity paper
Printable paper from Frou Frou Craft. Just purchase the Etsy listing and you get an instant download for these papers! Loving the flowers on the right.

light blue calligraphy ink
Get your calligraphy on with ink from Winsor & Newton.

serenity pencils
And if making something in the color of the year is not up your ally, how about just using these pretty pencils from Macarons & Mimosas? You can get them custom engraved with any phrase you’d like!

What crafty ideas do you have for rose quartz and serenity?

13. January 2016 by Jessie
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