Dream catcher tips and tricks

I love dream catchers. I love making them, decorating with them, giving them as gifts, they are just so versatile! You can make them to fit in with any style. Go the traditional route with natural colors and fibers. Go girly with pastels and lace. Go 80s with neon and black. Endless possibilities! So here are a few of my tips…


The first step is to weave the main dream catcher web. To watch a really helpful video tutorial, click here. You could also skip the web entirely and use fabric or a doily in the center, like this.

For the dream catcher hoop I find embroidery hoops work really well. You can also use metal macrame hoops, or just cut a ring out of cardboard (free!). I used an embroidery hoop for the dream catcher above, and cardboard hoops for the groups of dream catchers below.

My trick to making beautiful dream catchers is “more is more”. Pull out all your scrap ribbon, fabric, yarn, beads, and go to town. You can see in the above dream catcher I hung strips of ribbon, fabric and yarn of all different widths and lengths. This gives a fun, eclectic feel. I added bits of these pieces around the hoop of the dream catcher as well.

Incorporate some beads into the hanging pieces to add texture, this gives a mix of both hard and soft.

Cut feathers, or any shape, from your thicker fabric scraps (leather, felt, etc). Tie these shapes around the hoop, and from the hanging pieces. This adds a new shape to your dream catcher, before everything was linear or round.


My family and I made these dream catchers for a Relay for Life fundraiser. They were made with cardboard hoops and scraps of fabric, ribbon & yarn, making them a perfect inexpensive fundraising item. These dream catchers were unique and people loved them! Not to mention we had a fun family craft night making them.

So pull out all those scraps you’ve been saving for who knows what and make some dream catchers!

21. January 2016 by Jessie
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