Creative planter ideas

Lately I’ve been loving creative DIY planters, and I want to share my favorites with you!

I used to have a small porch that I filled with colorful plants. Now that we moved to NYC and don’t have any outdoor space, the space we do have for indoor plants is even more important, every small planter counts! So lets make them adorable…

Plastic bottle kitties from Mania De Decoracao. The tutorial is in Spanish, but the photos are enough to get you going.


DIY floating shelf from Hometalk.


Mirrored disco ball planter for sale from Chaparral. I think you could get the same look with a glass bowl, mosaic tiles and some hot glue.


Coffee pot terrarium from Good Home Design. This makes me long for flea market season, I want to find all sorts of antique containers for plants!


DIY plaited planter from Fall For DIY.


Which one of these ideas is your favorite?

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24. February 2016 by Jessie
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