Cheap and easy art mounting

So you’ve got some art you want to hang, but you don’t have a frame. Or the art is a circle or another odd shape, and you aren’t sure if it should be framed. But how will you hang it? With cardboard, a paper clip and some hot glue, thats how!

This is the method I used to hang my embroidered flowers that I posted about a few weeks ago.


What you’ll need…

x-acto knife
hot glue gun & glue

Let’s get started…

Draw the shape of your artwork on the cardboard. Mine was going to be cut to a circle, so I used a compass to draw the circles. You could also trace the artwork you’ll be mounting.


Cut out the shape. If you traced your artwork, cut a teeny bit smaller than the tracing, you want the cardboard to be just smaller than the final artwork.


Hot glue your artwork to the cardboard. This works great for felt, fabric and embroidery. If you’re mounting paper artwork, you’ll be better off using spray adhesive or double sided tape.


Don’t forget the edges!


If your artwork isn’t already cut to size, trim it now.


Unfold a paper clip so it looks like it has two hooks. Hot glue the paper clip to the back of the cardboard, this is now your hook for hanging on a nail or tack in the wall.


All done! Art mounting thats practically free!


26. February 2016 by Jessie
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