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If you’re looking for a fun way to spend a free afternoon, or crafternoon, gather some of your friends and make these faux flower initials!

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I just taught a faux flower initial class at the Brooklyn Brainery on Sunday, and it was a lot of fun! A small class, which made for a nice, laid back Sunday morning. The photos below include my own floral letters, along with some that students made. I’m definitely looking forward to teaching more classes there in the future!

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If you’d like to host your own floral letter crafternoon,
here’s what you need:

x-acto knives
wire cutters
cardboard (recycle shipping boxes or backs of notebooks)
glue guns & glue sticks
silk flowers
(Michaels, A C Moore and Jo Anns all have beautiful silk flower options, but they can be pricey – save coupons & stock up when the floral department is on sale)

Draw your letter on a piece of cardboard. Simple fonts work best.

Cut out your letter using an x-acto or scissors (depending on the cardboard you might find scissors or the knife easiest). Don’t worry about if the edges are perfect, they will be camouflaged under the flowers.

Cut the flowers off of their stem. Some will pop off, some will work with scissors, and for some you may need wire cutters.

Choose the bigger flowers you want to use first. Glue 2-3 groups of these larger flowers on your letter. A good example of this is the ‘S’ below – the two curves have focal points of large groups of flowers.

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Don’t be afraid to glue flowers on their sides, they all don’t have to be straight on. If some petals aren’t facing the way you’d like, just hot glue that specific petal until its where you want it.

Once you have two or three focal points of larger flowers, start filling in the spaces with smaller flowers and/or leaves. Really fill everything in so you can’t see the cardboard. Including some branches, long leaves, grasses, or eucalyptus will work really well to contrast all of the round flowers (like the little eucalyptus branches among the greenery in the ‘B’ below).

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You can hang these on the wall with double sided mounting tape, or hot glue a paper clip on the back to use as a hook.


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Leave questions below, and definitely share photos if you make your own flower letter!
Instagram: @jessiekatzgreenberg #craftywhatnot

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