Creative journal prompts (part two)

I’m sharing 28 art journal prompts to jump start your creativity! Last week I shared part one of four, and below we’ve got the next 7 journaling ideas! Check back on the next few Mondays to see my other creative prompts.


8. Self portrait line drawing

Using only one pen or pencil, draw yourself! Entire body or just your face, realistic or Picasso-esque, the choice is yours.

9. Abstract splatter paint

Splatter the page with watercolor or acrylic paint! Try different paintbrushes (and try a toothbrush!). Even add a little glitter if thats your thang. Protect your table with newspaper for this one, it’ll get a little messy.

10. Draw your fantasy garden

Use ALL of the colors! Include your favorite flowers and veggies, or make up your own! Its all up to you.

11. Design a dress

Break out those colored pencils and channel your inner fashion designer. Design your dream wedding dress, prom dress, drag queen runway dress, the bigger the better!

12. Leaf rubbings

Collect different shaped leaves from your yard or local park. Put these leaves under a page in your journal and rub lightly with a pencil or crayon. Play with layering leaves or adding color.

13. List colors

Anyone remember that Friends episode where Phoebe sings a song about the colors in her bedroom? Its just a list of colors in her bedroom, and I love it. But in all seriousness, listing all the colors in one room of your house is actually a great exercise in observation. Go beyond just the color of your wall. Observe the different colored greens of your plants, the colors on that book cover on your nightstand.

14. Portrait collage

Time again for the Modge Podge and old magazines. Cut out a couple eyes, nose, mouth, hair, outfit, and collage them together to create portrait. Be as glam, funny, or realistic as you want!

Share your progress in the comments here, or on Instagram. Tag @jessiekatzgreenberg and #craftywhatnot

09. May 2016 by Jessie
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