Creative journal prompts (part two)

I’m sharing 28 art journal prompts to jump start your creativity! Last week I shared part one of four, and below we’ve got the next 7 journaling ideas! Check back on the next few Mondays to see my other creative prompts.


8. Self portrait line drawing

Using only one pen or pencil, draw yourself! Entire body or just your face, realistic or Picasso-esque, the choice is yours.

9. Abstract splatter paint

Splatter the page with watercolor or acrylic paint! Try different paintbrushes (and try a toothbrush!). Even add a little glitter if thats your thang. Protect your table with newspaper for this one, it’ll get a little messy.

10. Draw your fantasy garden

Use ALL of the colors! Include your favorite flowers and veggies, or make up your own! Its all up to you.

11. Design a dress

Break out those colored pencils and channel your inner fashion designer. Design your dream wedding dress, prom dress, drag queen runway dress, the bigger the better!

12. Leaf rubbings

Collect different shaped leaves from your yard or local park. Put these leaves under a page in your journal and rub lightly with a pencil or crayon. Play with layering leaves or adding color.

13. List colors

Anyone remember that Friends episode where Phoebe sings a song about the colors in her bedroom? Its just a list of colors in her bedroom, and I love it. But in all seriousness, listing all the colors in one room of your house is actually a great exercise in observation. Go beyond just the color of your wall. Observe the different colored greens of your plants, the colors on that book cover on your nightstand.

14. Portrait collage

Time again for the Modge Podge and old magazines. Cut out a couple eyes, nose, mouth, hair, outfit, and collage them together to create portrait. Be as glam, funny, or realistic as you want!

Share your progress in the comments here, or on Instagram. Tag @jessiekatzgreenberg and #craftywhatnot

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Coloring as meditation before bed

coloring as meditation before bed |

When adult coloring books came on the scene a couple of years ago, I was all about it. I’m a big fan of anything that gets more people creating art of any kind. Once in a while I’d take out a coloring book if I didn’t have another craft project in the works, but it wasn’t until recently that I started coloring regularly for meditation and it. is. working.

A few weeks ago I made the conscious decision to get off screen and stare at my phone less in the evenings. Right before bed I always found myself mindlessly scrolling through Reddit or Instagram, for a LONG time. I was having trouble falling asleep and staring at your phone before bed doesn’t help. The blue light from your screen effects your brain’s natural melatonin production, so your body doesn’t know its time for sleep. Here’s a great article on using your phone less before bed.

So we’ve decided to use our phones less in the evenings, but now what?

coloring as meditation before bed |

In a perfect world I want to be the person that meditates before bed, but I just can’t (at least not yet). My mind is too restless, so I NEEDED to replace staring at my phone with another activity. I turned to a coloring book my mom gave me for the holidays, “Color Me Happy” by Lacy Mucklow, illustrated by Angela Porter.

The first few days coloring wasn’t as relaxing as I had expected. I have a bit of an OCD personality, so it took a real effort not to try and be perfect, and not to finish a page the same night I started it. It took a few days, but while coloring with the intention of relaxing I started to feel the positive effects. Things to think about when coloring for meditation:

Don’t attempt perfection, its OK to slip outside the line.
You don’t have to finish, color until you feel relaxed, then its time for bed.
Use whatever colors make you happy, don’t stress about choosing a perfect palette.

Coloring started to feel more and more like meditation, and I could feel it reducing anxiety & stress. This article will explain more of the therapeutic science behind coloring.

After a week, I was definitely falling asleep faster. When I started to get tired, it was easier to put down the coloring book than it had been to put down a phone because I felt more relaxed and less restless. Coloring as meditation before bed has definitely become part of my regular routine.

Do you think you’ll incorporate coloring as meditation into your regular routine? Leave your favorite coloring books in the comments or share with me on Instagram @jessiekatzgreenberg !

coloring as meditation before bed |

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DIY flower initial crafternoon

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend a free afternoon, or crafternoon, gather some of your friends and make these faux flower initials!

flower initial |

I just taught a faux flower initial class at the Brooklyn Brainery on Sunday, and it was a lot of fun! A small class, which made for a nice, laid back Sunday morning. The photos below include my own floral letters, along with some that students made. I’m definitely looking forward to teaching more classes there in the future!

flower initial |

If you’d like to host your own floral letter crafternoon,
here’s what you need:

x-acto knives
wire cutters
cardboard (recycle shipping boxes or backs of notebooks)
glue guns & glue sticks
silk flowers
(Michaels, A C Moore and Jo Anns all have beautiful silk flower options, but they can be pricey – save coupons & stock up when the floral department is on sale)

Draw your letter on a piece of cardboard. Simple fonts work best.

Cut out your letter using an x-acto or scissors (depending on the cardboard you might find scissors or the knife easiest). Don’t worry about if the edges are perfect, they will be camouflaged under the flowers.

Cut the flowers off of their stem. Some will pop off, some will work with scissors, and for some you may need wire cutters.

Choose the bigger flowers you want to use first. Glue 2-3 groups of these larger flowers on your letter. A good example of this is the ‘S’ below – the two curves have focal points of large groups of flowers.

flower initial |

Don’t be afraid to glue flowers on their sides, they all don’t have to be straight on. If some petals aren’t facing the way you’d like, just hot glue that specific petal until its where you want it.

Once you have two or three focal points of larger flowers, start filling in the spaces with smaller flowers and/or leaves. Really fill everything in so you can’t see the cardboard. Including some branches, long leaves, grasses, or eucalyptus will work really well to contrast all of the round flowers (like the little eucalyptus branches among the greenery in the ‘B’ below).

flower initial |

You can hang these on the wall with double sided mounting tape, or hot glue a paper clip on the back to use as a hook.


flower initial | craftywhatnot.comflower initial | flower initial |

Leave questions below, and definitely share photos if you make your own flower letter!
Instagram: @jessiekatzgreenberg #craftywhatnot

04. May 2016 by Jessie
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Creative journal prompts (part one)

Happy May! During the next 4 weeks, lets jumpstart our creativity. I’ve come up with 28 creative art journal prompts that can be done anytime you need a little creative boost. Some are tried and true and others are just on my list of things I’d like to try.

creative journal prompts | crafty

I’ll be posting these in 4 segments, so check back over the next few Mondays to get that week’s creative ideas!

1. Decorate the cover of your journal or sketchbook

When your journal is pretty and personalized, you’ll use it more! Use collage, lettering, stickers, markers, paint… whatever you’ve got around! Stay away from too many 3D elements, you’ll want to throw this journal in your bag on the go and don’t want things falling off.

2. Press flowers

Take a walk through your yard, the woods or a local park & collect some pretty flowers and leaves to press. Place the petals between two pieces of white paper, put this under a stack of heavy books and let them dry there for a few weeks. You can speed up this process with an iron, but personally I think having to wait and see how they look is part of the fun! When your flowers are ready arrange them into a pretty collage in your journal.

3. Hand letter a favorite quote

Wether you’re channeling your inner tween with some old school bubble letters, or getting your fine art calligraphy on, choose a quote that brings you some positive energy!

4. Be a photographer for the day

Walk your neighborhood with your camera or smartphone. Take photos of something you never noticed before, or something you always notice but never document. Pretty flowers, an old building, living creatures, whatever catches your eye. Print your favorite photos to place in your journal, don’t forget to include captions!

5. Still life drawing

Choose a simple item in your house (think an interesting vase, succulent, keychain) and try to draw it. You can be as detailed as you’d like, or do a simple line drawing. Don’t worry about being accurate, this is just a practice to get your brain working differently. Try to think of the object as a shape. For example, if you are drawing a key, don’t draw what you think a key looks like, really study it and try to draw what you see.

6. Travel wish list

Think about amazing and inspiring places you want to visit and write ‘em down! They can be states, countries, specific monuments or special restaurants! Top of my list in the Statue of Liberty… I live in NYC and have never actually been!

7. Make a collage

Break out the Modge Podge and old magazines. Cut & paste your favorite images, colors, letters, whatever catches your eye! Let the Modge Podge dry completely before closing your journal. Even after its dry, you might want to put a piece of wax paper between those pages so they don’t stick to each other.

Share your progress in the comments here, or on Instagram. Tag @jessiekatzgreenberg and #craftywhatnot

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TV show embroidery inspiration

tv show embroidery inspiration from

I really love embroidery. Its a craft project you can take anywhere, it looks cute when its finished, makes a great gift, and is just a lot of fun. A few weeks ago I shared my most recent embroidery obsession, plants using faux flower petals.

Usually I choose an object and just freehand the embroidery, but lately I’ve been wanting to get back into following a cross stitch pattern. I took to Etsy and Pinterest and behold, SO MUCH tv show themed embroidery inspiration. Perhaps I’ll start with the X-Files pattern at the bottom of this post…

Golden Girls (probably my favorite show ever) embroidery from Makezine.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 1.59.02 PM

“You’re My Lobster” embroidery for every fan of Friends, from The Cats Canary.


Liz Lemon’s quote, “Suck it nerds”, from Little Pumpkin Home. Also, look at that adorable bun bun!


For all you Arrested Development fans. This comes from 365 Lucky Days, I highly recommend you check out her entire project. A new embroidery piece every day for an entire year, and they are all equally amazing.

day 163

Boy Meets World’s Shawn and Cory were perhaps one of the greatest tv bromances of all time! I couldn’t find the original artist for this piece, so if you recognize it let me know in the comments!


If you need to loosen up a bit, you can always turn to George Constanza’s “SERENITY NOW” mantra. Pattern from Steph X Stitch.


“But I already did something today” from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Again, couldn’t find the original artist for this beautiful piece, let me know in the comments if you recognize it!


And here we have my favorite, the I Want To Believe poster from X-Files, pattern designed by Shelley Faye. I might make this and turn it into a pillow…


I watch several of these while crafting… X-Files and Seinfeld currently top my list. What shows do you usually binge while crafting?

18. April 2016 by Jessie
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Free nature dingbat fonts

Happy Earth Week! Earth Day is on Friday, so I compiled a few free nature-inspired dingbat fonts. Some of these are so beautifully detailed, you could print just one dingbat as large as you want and use it as a coloring page!

All of these fonts are free or public domain, so just download and have fun! You’ll find sources for each font below.

free nature dingbats |

Just click the image above to add it to Pinterest!

Butterflies by Typadelic.

All Things Cat! by Otakuism. So freaking cute!

HFF Floral Stencil by Have Fun With Fonts. This might be my favorite, I love the Scandinavian style to each stencil.

Birds A by Emerald City Fontworks.

WW Floral Corner by WindWalker64.

18. April 2016 by Jessie
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Pantone TOMS tutorial

DIY pantone TOMS |

I had a VERY old pair of TOMS that I wanted to do something with. The heels are ripped up and its probably time to just toss them, but I figured I’d do something fun first to give them a bit of new life before giving up. Even though I did this with old TOMS, it would be a great way to customize brand new TOMS as well!

TOMS or other canvas shoes
white acrylic paint
acrylic paint in the color of your choice
acrylic paint textile medium (you can substitute water)
black fine point Sharpie marker or paint pen

Get Started!

If your TOMS are old, start by cleaning them. Use a toothbrush or nail brush to remove as much dirt as possible. If you need to, use a little laundry detergent and water. Let dry.

DIY pantone TOMS |

Follow directions on your acrylic textile medium and mix accordingly with your colored acrylic paint. If using water, use about 1 part water, 3 parts paint. That ratio depends on the color you’re using and the color you’re covering up, so adjust accordingly when you start painting.

TOMS have a diagonal seam above the toe. Paint everything from this seam back with the color of your choice.

DIY pantone TOMS |

I decided to use a different shade of blue on each shoe, just to mix things up a bit!

DIY pantone TOMS |

Add a second coat of colored paint if needed.

Paint the toe of each shoe white. If you’re starting with white shoes, skip this part!

DIY pantone TOMS |

Add a second coat of white paint if needed.

DIY pantone TOMS |

Break out your Pantone color book (or head to the Pantone website) and pick the colors that best match your shoes.

DIY pantone TOMS |

Using a black Sharpie, carefully add “Pantone” and the number you chose to the white toes. If your shoes were white and you didn’t have to paint the toe, use a paint marker instead of a Sharpie (Sharpies tend to run on the canvas).

DIY pantone TOMS |

It might take a day or two for the painted canvas to wear in, then you’re ready to go. Enjoy your fancy new shoes!!

DIY pantone TOMS |

Any ideas for more Pantone DIYs?

DIY pantone TOMS |


15. April 2016 by Jessie
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DIY Coffee Coconut Sugar Scrub

coffee scrub recipe | crafty This year my new years resolution was to use less chemicals & create less waste with my cleaning and beauty products. There are SO MANY recipes on Pinterest about DIY products, its definitely been a process of trial and error to find what works for me.

My favorite recipe so far has been this Coffee Coconut Sugar scrub from Everyone Occasions.

Things to LOVE about this recipe:

• the smell, coconut and coffee together just smells freaking amazing

• reuse coffee grounds for this recipe, its free and your coffee gets to do double duty

• make a cute label to turn this scrub into an inexpensive, thoughtful gift

• having a jar of sugar scrub next to the bathroom sink makes me feel fancy

coffee scrub recipe | crafty

3/4 cup organic virgin coconut oil
2 cups sugar
1 cup dry coffee grounds

coffee scrub recipe | crafty

Get Started!

•  If you are reusing brewed coffee grounds, let them dry completely. I spread them out flat on a plate to air dry, but I assume you could spread them on a pan and put in a very low oven to speed the process.

• Whisk together the coffee and sugar about 2 minutes, until fluffy. This is easiest with the whisk attachment of a mixer, but if you don’t have a mixer a regular whisk will do.

• Add the coconut oil and whisk another couple of minutes until everything is combined.

• Store in air tight containers. If I make a lot that won’t get used right away, I store it in the fridge.

• If you’re gifting the scrub, just add a cute label! I made these simple & colorful watercolor labels for my mom and sister in law’s birthdays.

watercolor gift labels | crafty

Do you have any favorite DIY beauty products?

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Golden Girls quote

golden girls quote,

“Isn’t it amazing how I can feel so bad and look so good” – Blanch, The Golden Girls

Its no secret that The Golden Girls is probably my favorite show ever. I wish they’d put it all on Netflix… but I guess that doesn’t matter for me personally because I obviously own the entire series on DVD. I’m just worried the rest of you have no way to watch this perfect series over and over again.

This quote is so very Blanch, I imagine its also how my cat, Tuna (above), feels whenever she’s in a mood.

If you’ve got an idea for a quote I should draw and add to this Sunday inspirational quote series, leave it in the comments below!

03. April 2016 by Jessie
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Google eye craft ideas!

Happy April Fool’s Day! I wanted to put together some silly craft inspiration, and being a big fan of googly eyes, I figured what better craft supply to feature on April Fool’s!

google eye crafts from crafty whatnot

I’ve made a googly eye phone case and I can tell you, I got more compliments on that phone case than any other I’ve ever used! Tutorial from Hands Occupied.


These pom pom caterpillars are something I remember making as a kid, and if someone made them for me now I would 100% hang them on my fridge. Tutorial from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

Pom Pom kid craft clothespin caterpillars

Another kid-friendly craft, this time for camping! If you’re into geocaching I could also see these being a fun leave behind. Tutorial from Radmegan.


Googly eye dice. So simple, but don’t you want them? Tutorial from 30 Minute Crafts.


And finally, the most adorable googly eye animals, painted onto rocks and made into magnets! Tutorial from Art Drops. Its in Croatian (I think?) but there are enough photos to follow along.


So next time you’re walking past the kids section of the craft store, think twice before passing up on those googly eyes for sale!

For a ton more DIY ideas you can follow me on Pinterest.

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