Hi there, thanks for stopping by Crafty Whatnot!

I’ve been crafting and creating as long as I can remember. Growing up my favorite toy was the “craft bucket” in my closet. This giant bucket was filled with a mixture of purchased and hand-me-down supplies. I loved opening it up and seeing what I could create with these leftovers.

During college I found my passion in visual communication design. Working with other obsessive and talented graphic designers kept me inspired every day. Since then I’ve worked as an in-house graphic designer for a few different companies, I’ve freelanced, and in the last few year focused on designing greeting cards and event stationery. Even in my graphic design, I love incorporating handmade techniques like hand drawn typography, illustration, painting and printmaking.

I still craft all the time, that’s why I started this blog! I’m constantly trying out new techniques, creating new projects and finding new inspiration which I wanted to share!

When I’m not crafting I love spending time hiking, traveling, petting our cats (Tuna and Muggle), hanging with friends & family, and exploring where we live in NYC.


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