Outdoorsy Soaps

Outdoorsy Handmade Soaps

We’re finally having some gorgeous weather here in the north east, after a winter that felt like it just wouldn’t end. All I want to do these days is spend time outside—feel the sun, listen to the birds, and smell the scents of spring. Unfortunately most of us are stuck inside the majority of the day, so why not stock some earthy scented soaps in your home or office to at least bring a little of that outdoors experience into your life throughout the day? Plus I love an excuse to buy handmade soap, it feels so luxurious and usually has beautiful packaging!

1: Wood and Smoke Soap from Roots Soap Co. They list this as a man’s soap, but I want soap that reminds me of a campfire every time I use it!

2: Woodland Pine Soap from Lippincott Soap Co.

3: Poni ‘Ala Shaka Street Soap, a subtle floral scent, sold at Anthropologie.

4: Trees and Teaberry Vegan Soap from Swamp Angel Soap.

5: Green Grass Soap from Bathing in Luxery.

6: Fir Needle Beer Soap from Brook Farm General Store.

7: Gardener’s Scrub from Ellie’s Handmade Soap.

8: Mountain Manzanita Soap from Filthy Farm Girl.

08. May 2013 by Jessie
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