Cleaning vintage buttons

This week my posts have a theme, taking old clothing or thrift store finds and turning them into something new that you actually want to wear. Lets call it, “new you on a budget”.

For me, New Years is always filled with the exciting opportunity to reinvent yourself—new beauty routine, updated wardrobe, and healthier diet (just to name a few). Sounds good, right? The only thing standing in my way is another resolution—spend less money and stick to a budget. With this in mind I hopped over to the thrift store to find some clothing in need of a little DIY reinvention (more on this later in the week).


Today’s tip for cleaning buttons is super simple, but will help you in all of your future thrift store upgrades. We’ve all got that jar full of buttons handed down from your grandmother, and this will get them ready for use!


vintage buttons
toothbrush (one with a tongue scraper on the back)
dish soap
warm water

Use a little dish soap and warm water on the toothbrush to brush vintage buttons, using the tongue scraper to really scrub problem spots. Dry with the towel, or set your buttons on the towel to air dry. Use the towel to buff out any water spots that appeared while drying. Now you’ve got clean buttons using materials you already had in your house!

30. December 2013 by Jessie
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