Simple & Easy Holiday Gift: Crinkle Cat Toys

crinkle cat toys

Don’t forget your furry friends this holiday season! My families always give gifts to each others’ pets. In fact, I don’t buy my own pets any gifts, I know they’ll be getting so many from my relatives! All said and done, I buy (or make gifts) for 2 dogs and 5 cats during the holidays. Here’s an easy tutorial for crinkle catnip toys for some furry friends in your life (very similar to the lavender sachet tutorial I posted last week)…

•  two 3″ x 3″ fabric squares
•  needle & thread, sewing machine optional
•  sewing pins
•  natural catnip
•  plastic shopping bags, cut into strips about 1″ x 5″


1. Pin your two squares together, right sides facing each other.

2. Sew three sides together, about a quarter inch in from the edge.

3. Turn the square right side out, so the right sides of the fabric are now on the outside.

4. Fill with catnip and plastic strips. You want mostly catnip, but enough plastic so when you squish the toy it makes a crinkle sound.

5. Hand sew the open edge.

6. Store in a sealed mason jar so the catnip scent stays strong, decorate the top with paper or fabric for gift giving!

How many pets do you need gifts for this season?

17. December 2013 by Jessie
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