Pearler bead coasters with free template!

So evidently perler beads are back, and I’m psyched!


If you thought adult coloring was relaxing and meditative, try spending a couple hours one night meticulously placing perler beads! And if you don’t have a couple hours, no worries, just do whatever you can and place your perler bead plate in a safe location (away from pets & little ones!) so you can come back to it when you have time.


I really like the look of mini pearler beads. These are smaller than normal perler beads from your youth and they do take a little more precision. I found tweezers helpful while creating these patterns.

For this project you’ll need mini perler beads, square mini perler bead plates, an iron, cork sheets (optional), and tweezers (optional). You can find these supplies at most craft stores.


You can download a PDF template of my patterns here. Print the PDF at full size and place your clear mini perler bead plate on top of your chosen design, using my template as a guide of where to place your colored beads! Once the plate is complete, follow the directions that came with your perler bead plates to iron your design. I use the coasters as is after that, but if you’d like you can back them with cork or felt on the bottom.


These did take a bit of time, but they look super fun! I’m thinking of doing some perler bead animal faces next, any suggestions?


16. January 2016 by Jessie
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