Perler bead emoji magnets, free template


After making perler bead coasters a few weeks ago, I’m officially addicted to perler bead projects. Skimming Pinterest the other night I spotted these adorable emojis from @chittyqy on Instagram  (if you like adorable perler bead crafts, you should absolutely follower her)…


I immediately wanted to make these, and turn them into magnets, so I took out my perler beads and got started! First I used Chitty’s image as a template to make the smiley and tongue out guys.


Then I decided to personalize the project, creating templates for my own most used emojis, the heart eye cat, sleepy face, envelope, robot and balloon. I use these emojis a lot, especially that cat!


You can download my template here. Print the PDF at full size (100%, no page scaling). Place your clear mini perler bead plate on top of your chosen design, using my template as a guide of where to place your colored beads. Once the plate is complete, follow the directions that came with your perler bead plates to iron your design. Just glue magnets to the back of each emoji and your fridge just became super freaking adorable!

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What are your favorite emojis? Let’s make perler bead magnets of ALL THE EMOJIS!

15. February 2016 by Jessie
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