Adorable embroidered plants, tutorial with photos

plants-all-1 I recently had a bunch of leftover silk flower petals and leaves. On a whim I decided to tack a few to a piece of felt and embroider an itty bitty planter, to see if the leaves would look like a cute little succulent, and they did! Now I think I’m addicted to embroidering planters for silk flower leaves, and I want you to be addicted too, so here’s a tutorial…

Materials: embroidery hoop, felt (or fabric), silk flower petals & leaves, embroidery thread, needle, scissors

First. Secure your felt or fabric in an embroidery hoop.


Second. Start with thread that matches the petals you are using. Split the embroidery thread in half (each half should now have 3 individual strings).


Third. With one of the halves, thread the needle and tie a knot at the end.


Fourth. With just a few single stitches, attach the leaves to the felt. Tie a knot in the back and cut the extra thread.


Fifth. Choose a thread color for the planter and repeat the second and third steps.

Sixth. Get creative! You could first draw the planter, but I like the imperfections of just starting with thread. Using a slip stitch (or your favorite outline stitch), start embroidering the outline of the planter. I like to add handles, like a mug or kettle, for extra cuteness.


Seventh. Fill in the planter with any pattern you’d like. Some ideas are using a cross stitch, french knot, or creating a chevron pattern.


Eighth. Tie a knot in the back and cut the extra thread.


Ta-da! Adorable itty bitty plant, no need to water! You can display your plant as is (in the embroidery hoop) or mount it to cardboard (like I did). These could also be used to decorate pillows, curtains, etc… so many plants everywhere!

What else could we make with extra silk flowers?

ALSO, I found this super cute link party, appropriately named Too Cute Tuesday, check it out!

27. January 2016 by Jessie
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